Foreign Missionaries GTC Corpus Support

We support many missionaries through our faith giving. We also believe it is important that we engage in work at home as well as pray and support the greater Body of Christ worldwide.

Below are the missionaries & mission works we support regularly. If you would like more information about our missionaries, please contact the church office at 361-289-1261

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Scott & LaVonna Ennis – Africa
Scott Ennis - Africa

David & Beth Grant – India
Grants - India

Sharon Reeves – Germany



Phil & Kim Rojak – Papua New Guinea 

Bryan & Renee Webb – Vanuatu

David & Alicia Lloyd – Haiti

Ronnie & Rhonda Rice – The Canary Islands

God’s Little One – Honduras

Other Ministries GTC Corpus Support

Mercy Ships Worldwide

Good Samaritan Rescue Mission – Corpus

Metro Ministries – Bill Wilson, NYC

Boys & Girls Missionary Challange

Ecclesia Worship Center – Woodlands, S. Manchester Jamaica